These are some of my favorite quotes from Kate Winslet from various articles and interviews.

"I feel I can't lie in bed because it would be a waste of the day."
"Now my flat is a mess, piles of cd's on the floor, but I love the place."
"Oscar night two years ago was brilliant but mad. I'd never set out to be well known, so walking into this sea of unbelievable fame and fortune thinking, 'What on earth am I doing here?'"
"I just saw True Lies and The Abyss. Amazing. One of Jim's triumphs is that, in spite of the action, I really, really cared about these people. I wanted to know what happened in the rest of their lives."
"My life is not my own and probably never will be. And that's Rose talking."
"Survivors reports sat that is was a really still night. (that titanic sank) Strange, because it was a really still night tonight, too. The stars were amazing."
"I do feel very much older then I am."
"But Rose steps off the lifeboat and back on the ship to be with Jack. It's terribly moving. I was in floods of tears and accepted the role there and then."
"I have had to grow up quickly and haven't found that to be a chore. It is not as if I'd had to think, 'What a shame that I've had to say goodbye to my youth.' I am actually looking forward to the prospect of getting older."
More to come! I still have a lot of magazines to look through...:)