Why Fantine?

Because, IMO, Fantine is the best character in Les Miserables! Quite possibly, in all of fiction-land! (Tied with Rhett Butler, anyhow! *G*)

But I suppose that's not a very detailed answer. *G* Anyhow, the character certainly isn't the most pitiful characters in Les Mis, and she certainly couldn't fit into the role-model character, either. But I think the character is absolutely brilliant, indeed. *G*

For starters, I totally love the characters devotion to Cosette. It's just brilliant, and to quote (and prolly MIS-quote) the novel, "The deeper Fantine sunk, the more she adored the child." She gives up ~everything~ for the child... the physical (her hair, her locket, her teeth, herself, ultimately her life...) and the emotional (her pride, her propriety...).

Then there is another thing I love in all characters: major transitions. She goes from innocent and naive to being defeated by the world and losing all innocence and pride, to finally being hopeful of a new life with Cosette before her death.

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