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Titanic Transcripts!

Miss a "Titanic" special on television? This is the place to find out what happened! This is new, but I plan to add a lot of interviews and performances that have been shown the past few months, so keep coming!

Celine Dion: Divas Live: VHI Okay...I'm going to skip ahead to when "Titanic" came up. :)
Celine: I've sang this song many times in the past months...but tonight it takes on a special meaning. It was exactly 86 years ago today that the mighty Titanic struck an iceberg. This is dedicated to the brave passengers and crew of "Titanic". Sang "My Heart Will Go On". I think everyone knows the lyrics...:)

This is a quote from Celine that was on VH1 when they showed videos about Titanic " When you go see the film, and then hear the song in the credits it's just......amazing!"

Sorry, but, I couldn't rush to the VCR in time to record that, so that's from memory. :) More to come! Watch for updates! Back to "Make it count. Meet me on the web."