My Dream Shatters

Thy is highly embarrassed! Thy wrote this before hearing the Titanic musical, and now that thy has this is a bit similar to "Mr. Andrews Vision"...well, except that is much better then thy poem. This poem was written originally for a Titanic newsletter.

I stand here now
I hear the cries of the innocents
Each one goes through my soul
How did this come to be?
Children who never had a chance below me
Women forced to leave their loves above me
Everything seems hopeless now
How could I let this happen?
If only my death could save thousands I know it won't, yet I still can't try to live
For if I survived this guilt would kill me
My dream shatters...

All of the following poems are inspired from the film Titanic and came from my website Make it count, Meet me on the web.

Jack To Rose: Part One Of Two

My soul is warm
I could fly at this moment
Because we are together, that's all that matters
But the cold takes control
I can't try any longer, pain takes over my body
Now I hear your faint goodbye
Memories rush in my mind
And I realize you must survive
I am the one that can leave, but you must go on
You must bring your fire into the world
You must live, going on forever
You were not meant to die here
My own life is complete now
For a few wonderful moments I loved you
They leave me content, with no regrets
But I can not let go until you give me the promise
To survive, to go on, to live
Please promise, promise now
And now that I hear your voice
With new determination to go on
For now I know you will survive
I can't fight to survive any longer
But your voice saying "I will never let go, Jack."
Will keep me warm forever
So go on, Rose
Please continue to love forever
Some day I promise I we will be together once more
Until this day, I hope you love and never let go
I will never let go of your love
And I know you'll never let go

Rose to Jack: Part 2 of 2

The end is near now
But you won't let me believe
You tell me I must go on
The love you show strengthens me
If I can't live on my will alone, I will on yours
You and I, we will never let go
We will go on forever Jack
We will live forever together
Each moment together better then the last
We will....
I feel an amazing pain now
Much worse then the cold
All hopes and dreams are frozen
Now I will close my eyes and lay forever with you here
Truly nothing left
I must be strong for you
I must live with the spirit of you in me
I must live out our dreams
I must live out my promise
Your love will help me burn past the pain
You and I *will* go on forever
I'm safe now, Jack
But still, all I can feel, all I can think
Are the last words: Never Let Go

Never Letting Go

Remembering the promise
I made some years ago
Saying that I would never let go
He made me live
I promised him so, because of love
And now I have found new love
I thought that all was going to be alright
But now I am truly lost
Don't know which way is right
The future happiness
Or the happiness of memories past
I'd love you more then anything possible
If only it was possible
Even though your spirit is here
I know because you fill my soul
But is it enough anymore for me...
Shall I truly move on now
Let my spirit fly like it once did
In the arms of my first true love
I can't ignore that longing
But I can't ignore the feeling of staying loyal
Or is being loyal moving on...
I wish you could bring me all the answers
To my confused and tired heart
All that is left of you is the whispers of the night
When you told me to move on and those last beautiful words
Never Let Go!

Thoughts For You

My life has gone
Just as we planned
Just as I promised
Sometimes it was hard
But I've noticed how
A few moments
Can get you through a lifetime
Yes, I've moved on
And maybe I was wrong
But it was what you wanted
Isn't it what you always wanted
Now it's come full circle
When we parted
I never knew how much would happen
How far I'd go
But I never lost you
Always in my dreams
Forever in my soul
For no one else to know
But I knew I must
So I shared the story of you
Shared the lessons you gave
I will meet you again
How patiently you have waited
This time it will be forever
I promise

Come Josephine...

Memories fill my soul tonight
As I learn that your soul is still here
It is like a fading melody
The melody that was supposed to stay strong forever
Strands of your voice remain
I hear them in the stars
Of precious days filled with song
The story of a love that flew away
Leaving only sweet echoes behind
Yet I go on, the fire goes on
Because when your song drifted
In a way, it drifted so I could fly again
As it was my promise to keep, our love to keep
So in this way your voice is still heard
It will fly above the clouds forever

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