James Cameron's Titanic Calendar 1999 -- This is a beautiful calendar with wonderful portraits from the motion picture and has interesting facts about the Titanic throughout.
Exploring The Titanic --Seems to be a fascinating book filled with information not only on the Titanic's voyage but of the discovery of the wreck in 85.
James Cameron's Titanic --With information on the making of Titanic and with beautiful photographs this is a must-have for lovers of the film!
James Cameron's Titanic Posterbook --Amazing , this is a wonderful collection of portraits from stills from the film motion picture Titanic!
The Night Lives On --After reading A Night to Remember, thee should read The Night Lives On!
A Night To Remember This novel must be read be thee! Verily amazing.
Titanic (1953 version) --This motion picture telling of Titanic is wonderful and won a few Academy Awards itself, go purchase this it has new fictional stories to tell which is all very well-writen and thy highly enjoyed this version.
Titanic (Standard Edition) -- This motion picture is the reason this website started in the first place so purchase it this morrow! =) Or perchance thee shall like the widescreen version
Titanic and the Making of James Cameron --After thee has read "James Cameron's Titanic" thee should read this, it is filled with even more information on the making of Titanic from the very beggining until the Academy Awards, plus it has a wonderful, detailed writing style.
Back To Titanic --This is the most beautiful soundtrack! Includes all the things left out of the original...such as the steerage music and Come Josephine!
Titanic Soundtrack --


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