This is my former "Site of the Day" site, now just a regular Links page. I'm just going by what I have in my bookmarks, so some of the old site of the day links may be missing. The links are, BTW, in random order for now, I'll categorize them soon.
The Insomniac's Realm
This is the site my net friend Sara and I work on together. It's wonderful insomnia-induced insanity! Visit!! *G*
html_help home page
This was a great help for me when I started with web-page-making. It's especially for Geocities sites, but anyone can learn from it.
The Gordeeva and Grinkov Corner
Brilliant! I love lurking on the message board!
THE place to find the figure skating site you're looking for!
Caught in the Middle
This is a great personal home page. Musicals, Titanic, books... who could ask for anything more? :-)
At the Movies
This is a BRILLIANT film site. I love the section with possible Oscar-nominated films!
The Victor Garber Webring
Gotta love a handy-dandy webring list that lists ALL the sites instead of having seperate links! :-)
Gordeeva and Grinkov: Russian Magic
My great online friend Jenna's website. It's a brilliant site for all g&g fans! Love the graphics!
The Unofficial Ruthie Henshall Page
I love lurking on the message board, again! *G* Great Ruthie site.
Sara's Cafe Musian
My great online friend and fellow web-owner of "The Insomniac's Realm." Brilliant website, indeed! Love the late-night quotes, fan-fic, Les Mis, and such!
Suul's Fan-Fic
My great online friend Suul's website. Brilliant LM/Javert fan-fic, go read it all! *G* She manages a great RP list, too... I know, I lurk. :-)
Welcome to my Little Page of Obsession
Another personal home page with some great things on LM RP and such.
Cosette's Cafe
A great Les Miserables site. Fun polls, brilliant video clips, and such. *G*
The Game Show Webring
Again, yay for webring lists. *G* I love all these websites--of course, my game show addiction helps that love. "No whammy, no whammy, no whammy....!!" *ahem* *G*
As soon as I get a foreign cast recording, this website becomes a favourite of mine. ;-)
The House of Tudor
A place to fuel my Elizabethan-era obsession! I especially love the list of historical fiction by royal...

That's all for now, more as soon as I finish going through my much-too-large bookmark folder! :-)