"The difference between Cal's taste in art and mine is that I have some."--Rose DeWitt Bukater
Why I Think Rose Was One Of The Best Charectors
Rose De Witt Bukater

Rose is my second favorite charector, under Mr. Andrews. I think this charector is great because many people can relater on how she was stuck in a group of people who she doesn't want to be like but can't seem to get out of the situation. From some lines in the screenplay, "...Also angry, furious! Shaking with emotions she doesn't understand...hatred, self-hatred, desperation." Also, "It was them , it was their whole word. And I was trapped in it, like an insect in amber." Many people can relate to this charector, at least a little. I think I am one of the few people who cry during the scene when she is going to jump, it was also the point in the movie that I got into it so much that I didn't want my eyes to even leave the screen for a second. Another favorite Rose scene is when they try to save the little boy. After the little help she got trying to save Jack you'd think she might be bitter, but she couldn't leave him. By the end of the 1912 part of the story, Rose is able to be free and a totally new person. The "Dawson. Rose Dawson." scene in the film serves two important points. The first is her never-ending love for Jack. The second is that she has finally done it, she has broke away from her old world and can start over now as a new person.
Rose Dawson

This stage in the charector is not really shown in the movie, just a few photos. I think if they are doing a sequel, this would be the correct way to follow up, to show her life after the sinking. It would make a great film, as all of the fan fictions popping up around the web of this part of the charectors life are great!
Rose Calvert

First, I'd just like to say how amazing Gloria Stuart was! She deserved all the Oscars in the world for her performance. (Not saying Kim Basinger didn't.) Rose Calvert is also an amazing charector. This charector still has the spirit she did when she was seventeen, has sense of humor, and the most noticeable trait is a quiet wisdom in every scene she has. In her final speaking scene, what she has to say is beautiful and heartbreaking, and the charector shows amazing strength.
The thing I love most, though, is in each scene with both old and young Rose, the charector has an artistic soul.

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