Inspired by a question in acting class, here's the long list. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Shakespearean Roles

Yes. Shakespeare. THE MAN! Anyway...
Helena-All's Well That Ends Well
This role is brilliant, it can be played way too many ways. Sweet and innocent, or scheming aristocrat: you decide. *he he* Plus she has my two favourite Shakespearean monologues: "Then, yes, I love your son," and "Oh! If that were all..."
Cleopatra-Antony and Cleopatra
It's fun, and it's tragic. You get to act like a scheming Queen--~and~ you get a death monologue. *he he* Not to mention one of the greatest scenes in Shakespeare, Antony's death... I love Cleopatra's line: "The odds is gone, and there is nothing left remarkable beneath the visiting moon!"
"Oh, what man 'ere o'erthrown!" Yes. ~THE~ women's part in a Shakespearean play, in my humble opinion. You just can't get any better than that. I could do her insanity (which isn't really insanity... but that's a whole other essay) well, darn it! "I would give you violets, but they all withered when my father died." Are you sick of me quoting yet?
Lady Macduff-Macbeth
You thought I'd say Lady Macbeth for Macbeth, wouldn't you? But no, I'm full of surprises! ;-) I just love Lady Macduff's single scene... "How wilt thou do for a father?" The scene is brilliant, people.
More coming soon? You can bet!

Musical Roles

Fantine-Les Miserables
As anyone who has been to the Fantine Pages knows, this is my favourite character ever written. So it's just quite obvious I should be Jane Bodle's understudy. *he he* As much as I love the musical role, I'd even jump at the chance more to the role as written from the novel. I just LOVE Fantine's Arrest, and I have to say my version is darned good. You know, "Oh! What I do is so vile, I can not have her with me! O, my Cosette, o my sweet angel of the blessed virgin, what will she become, poor famished child!" Yeah, it's brilliant.
Proper Woman-Scarlet Pimpernel
Okay, I've never seen this, so I have no idea of the character's name. But in Vivez! their lines are: "What of propriety! There are rules we obey in society!" So, you know. THAT'S ME! *he he*