1. Why 45? Well, because 4 is my favourite number and 5 is just...not five. Sorry, you won't get a better explanation.
2. I love the rain.
3. Actually it's raining right now.
4. But when I was younger I was terrified of storms.
5. Now I like them, though. They have SO much artistry in them.
6. Did you know I like artistic stuff?
7. On Designing Women today the annoying character (the blonde) was like, "It's like when you go to an art gallery and you see this painting that's just a dot but all the artsy people oohh and ahh over it. Deep down they must think it's also a dot."
8. Guess what? To me, it's not just a dot.
9. My favourite painting is called Painting by Clifford Schtill (I know I spelt it wrong). 10. And it is WAY more then just black.
11. Black happens to be my favourite color.
12. I think it the classiest of colors, that's why I like it.
13. During a conversation, I found out I'm not most like just one Winnie the Pooh character.
14. I'm a bit of Owl, a bit of Eeyore, a bit of Piglet, and a bit of Tigger.
15. I know, that's quite odd.
16. But I'm definitely like just one character from Designing Women.
17. Julia.
18. Why? Watch a few episodes, it's quite obvious. We both like to think we have perfect grammar, for starters.
19. I don't mind hearing people use slang.
20. But I usually try not to.
21. But I use it sometimes.
22. Especially in talking about Shakespeare.
23. I like Shakespeare.
24. The sonnets! Hamlet! Romeo and Juliet! Need I say more?
25. I'm about to read Macbeth, too.
26. I also like Shakespeare in Love.
27. I've seen it twice.
28. I've seen Life is Beautiful three times.
29. But I like both films equally.
30. Actually, I hate saying one of the films I like is better then another. I just can't.
31. But as you can tell I'm rather fond of Titanic.
32. I think it is annoying how people who like Titanic are stereotyped as people who saw it numerous times only to stare at Leo.
33. NOT ME! I like the emotional/artistic value.
34. Leonardo is a great actor but he just isn't my type.
35. My type is two words: Alex Trebek.
36. Actually, if I went to stare at anyone in Titanic, it would be Victor Garber, who played Thomas Andrews.
37. He's amazing, and good looking.
38. Although he does pick some tv movies that are...umm...not my idea of a good watch.
39. But I watched them anyway.
40. Kind of like how I saw MOZ just for Antonio.
41. Which was the first time I went to a film JUST because of an actor/actress and not the plot or anything.
42. But it ended up being good with or without him.
43. The dancing scene...one word, HOT.
44. Best scene of the year and WAY too short.
45. I'm good at being random, aren't I?

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