As you may have read on the About Me page, I'm currently just starting voice lessons and also working on piano. Since people track progress on various other things on their websites, I don't see why I shouldn't do this. *G* I'm also going to add figure skating progress soon, as well.
Voice Week One of tracking: Can probably hit about one and a half octaves. (Obviously, this is NOT for bragging. *g*) I'm working on "You'll Never Walk Alone", though those high notes near the end are quite near non-existant. :-) I was given "Greensleaves" to work on, and considering I know showtunes a LOT better then Christmas music, the lyrics are the hardest part for me to memorize. *G*
I am still quite tone-deaf, but I'm improving a bit. At least I can tell when it's wrong or right, after the fact. :-)

Piano Week One of tracking: Out of my "Titanic" music book, I can do a decent (if slow-moving :-) ) "My Heart Will Go On." I can do a fair to good "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" and "A Little Fall of Rain" out of the Les Miserables music book.
To go along with the voice lessons, I can do "You'll Never Walk Alone" quite decently and the beginning from memory. *G8