The best thing about Gordeeva and Grinkov was, for me, the artistry and emotion they brought to figure skating. You hear me talk a lot about "emotional and artistic value" on my websites, and G&G had that and more. So the programs that thy loves are the ones that expressed this. Here is the list of some of the "best" programs, in my opinion. If thee would like to add a comment on one of these programs, E-Mail Me with them and thy shall share it. Grammarcy. =)

"Out Of Tears". Thy thinks this as the BEST performance in the televised Canadian SOI finale 94-95 tour year. My favorite program is not this one, but this is the best performance. It is amazing ! Just beautiful. The choreography in this program is wonderful. It is a very relaxed program, you don't feel like it was rehearsed and redone over and over in practice, you feel like this is the first time they are performing it. It showed *them*, not the fancy tricks that take over skating and become highly annoying, in my opinion. The arm movement is wonderful, too. This is one of the highly distracting things. Sometimes arm movements that people "say" are artistic, to me, are more over-done and say "look at me!" instead of a true thing. Simplicity speaks louder then fancy when performing. The arm movements are GREAT in "oot". Every movement is great. My absolute favorite part is when the lyrics go, "Some you lose, some you win. I can drift, I can dream. Til I float off your screen. And I just can't pour my heart out to another living thing, I'm a whisper, I'm a shadow, and I'm standing up to sing...". It's so great. Love it. Actually, the whole "Rolling Stones" finale was great! Thy loves it when Scott dances with Ekaterina and Sergei interupts them. It was SO amusing!!

Image courtesy Gordeeva and Grinkov: Russian Magic

"Vocalise". This is my favorite program. It's based on art, and it IS art. Pure art. I've always wished to have seen this without the jumps and things. Then it would have been more then amazing. But thy will take it the way it is, which is basically just amazing art. A picture of them could go right next to a Rodin statue, art with art. I just love this program because it is so amazing, so artistic. And thy loves the ending pose. (Well, maybe the fact thy love Rodin's work helps...anyway...) It is the best ending pose ever in figure skating, in my opinion. Just so simple and elegant and beautiful! When thy reviews tapes of skating, sometimes I'll be sort of watching while thy writes or something of the like, but this program takes my complete attention, my eyes won't leave the tv screen. As thy tells endlessly to my G&G friends, Gordeeva and Grinkov have a "cinema quality" and it shows the most in this program. It is simple but amazing. Simply amazing! :)

Okay, I'll stop for now...but, I will for sure be adding more! =)