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Since the automatic voting booths are down, I decided to post up a question type-poll for you to answer, meaning it takes at least a couple of sentences to answer the poll. The question is:
What where you doing during the Oscars? What was your reaction to all of the "Titanic" wins (and the three lost)

Well, we had a great time in my home. I had to miss the beggining because of class but "Apple" had kept track of all the awards. One of my friends and I kept calling each other back and forth. I was really happy for Robin Williams, because he was the best part of "Good Will Hunting" and was amazing. Of course each time "Titanic" won I got excited and wrote it down to see if it would meet the eleven awards to tie for most ever. I thought that the winners of best makeup/supporting actress and actress all deserved their awards. I must be one of the only ones, but I loved James Camerons "I'm the king of the world!" I personally thought it was hilarious, and I see it simply as quoting his movie. When the big one came, Best Picture, I was freaking out! I was so nervous, like I was there! I thought for sure "L.A. Confidential" would win, and when "L.A. Confidential" got so much applause and "Titanic" got little, I thought for sure it would get it. When "Titanic" was announced I was jumping up and down on the couch! Then I calmed down (just a little!) to listen to James Camerons speech. It was so beautiful and amazing! Then the whole thing was over. I opened the ice cream and watched the post-show on the news. After that I watched the beggining that I missed. I just thought Billy Crystal was so funny with his songs and everything! I ended up falling asleep at 2 a.m. (or later!) that night. Okay, okay, I'm done rambling. =)--Ambermarie

I was jumping up and down constantly, screaming, and crying at the same time! I was so happy!--Joanna

I never once doubted that "Titanic" would win best picture. All the rumours around me were that "Titanic" wouldn't win; that's not the type of movie the Academy would pick. In my heart, I knew that it would. I knew it. So no surprise there. They definitley deserved the awards won that night! The only other award I wish they had won was best supporting actress. To quote Cal, "What to do?" I think Gloria Stuart deserved that award. Billy Crystal was absolutely wonderful, once again! Kate Winslet looked absolutely stunning in her gown. All in all it was a wonderful night!--Wanda

When I watched the Oscars on TV, I had a paper and pencil ready, I wrote down the list of "Titanic" winners. I was dissapointed, though, when Kate and Gloria didn't win. Much of my other dissapointment is that Leonardo didn't get any nomination! Anyway, when Titanic was called out for Best Movie, I was screaming. And then, after watching it, I got up and turn my computer on and logged into GeoCities, then, posted the information on DiCaprio's Domain, my Leo website. =)--Cher

On Oscar night, I gathered up my entire family and made them watch it even if they didn't want to. I was taping them of course, so I had to pause the VCR on commercials as well as tabulate the points for my Oscar pool I was running. There was only $30 in the pool, but I won!!! We had to pick one out of the nominees for each category to win and I won because I got the most points! So, that was my Oscar night. I'm looking forward to next years already!--"Grover03"

I didn't think my mom would let me stay up that late because of school the next day plus they always run over. I was in my room watching them and trying to keep myself from falling asleep. I kept wondering when they would show Best Movie but I missed that cuz I fell asleep at midnight. I wanted desperately to see Titanic again so that is why I watched them, to see clips and especially to see Leo. I was majorly dissapointed when Leo didn't get nominated and when Kate and Gloria didn't win. I was also dissapointed when Leo didn't show up. Something about not wanting all the attention.--Kara

On Oscar night I slept over at my friend's, Essa, house. Her mom wasn't home and we watched it in her room. I was mad at her cause she was talking with her boyfriend on the phone instead of watching Titanic win w/me. Anyway, everytime Titanic won something I yelled across the house what it won to her. After her mom got home and the Oscars ended we went swimming and talked about Titanic!!--Quinn

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