Pray, do select a beverage and enjoy (or hate, perchance hate) my poetry. Some of these poems are not based on personal experiences but fan fiction poetry, therefore they are not my characters and thy takes absolutely no credit for that. Thy will write thy inspiration for them all before the poem. Also, before we get to the poems, thy found this quote from the film "Dead Poets Society" and thy thought it was verily great..."We don't read and write poetry because its cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is full of passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering: these are noble pursuits necessary to sustain life but poetry, beauty, romance, love. These are what we stay alive for."

Titanic Fan-Fic Poems

Les Miserables Fan-Fic Poems

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Untitled at the Moment

For a while thy was really hating the cold. Though winter certainly is poetic, isn't it? (Well, not in thy poem, but in others...)

Your love
Quietly speaks to me
The frigid winds blow
They carry your voice
Your smile
Quietly follows me
The freezing snow below
It glistens with your laughter
Your past
Quietly watches me
The dark clouds above
They promise not to fall upon me
Your future
It hides behind from me
The light behind the clouds
The mystery, it isn't for my eyes
It simply waits along with me for you

Angels In My Soul

This isn't from any film or book...actually thy was listening to the song "I'm Your Angel" when thy started to write so that's what this theme came from...perchance.

I believe that you are here right now
I believe you never leave
Because how else could my sick spirit fly
How else could I feel the love of your soul around me
Then how did I come to deserve this love
From someone much more alive then I
Yet this love is not in human form
I believe this because I see this love in my dreams
And when I awake I see it in the distant fog
How could a love so much greater then I
Touch me in this unspeakable way
How was I chosen
To learn from the beauty in the rain
How was it, my love
And how can I thank you
The beauty from above

Art Meets Emotion

Slightly based on Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. Well, not exactly, thy just thought of that after the poem.

Rain pours down
Memories, images fill each drop
This one showing art
The other reminding of your beautiful song
The next an image of timeless love
Another the joy of a new beggining
That didn't last long enough for us...
Yet another showing a life lived right
The final downpour shows the sweetest moments
Of love, life and joy
Then the rainbow comes
Showing nothing, as a blank canvas
As a reminder that there still is
Life left to be lived

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