Here are these cool images, I guess they are called 'cliques'. (If someone knows why, could they explain? LOL.)

We Love Rain!
winter-quiet and sensitive
I <3 the internet!

angels watching over
I'm A Rice Girl As we have established, I am artistic. And as far as dreamer and imaginer goes...APPLE! LET'S PLAY PRETEND...rotflol...
Again didn't we sort of establish this? Well the other one I guess was about others so this one shall be...I believe in I-self! LOL Not like I'm self-centered I just think that I know what I want for myself or something...okay did that make sense? =)
Iam an nightowl Oh yeah! =) Do you notice what time this page is updated?! LOL.
I'mI am, absolutely, unless I need to draw...but everything else! =)
I Love MusicYes, but, as we said...depending on what music it is...=)
I Believe In Tomorrow"When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes..." LOL Anyway, yeah, I do, especially in my AGAIG mood...;) Apple...
Useless JunkI certainly do but I just LOVE my useless junk...;)
Are you Smart?!Yeah I'd like to think I'm smart! ;)
I'm a Pessimist!As we have already established...;) Well I'm not all pessimist but I'm closer to pessimist then optimist!
Totally Not A Ditz!!Only when I do the R&M impersonation! Other then that I am not and I find them highly amusing and hilarious in films but in real's like there are more important things than what to wear tomorrow! LOL..
I'm Not Organized!I think a lot of people would agree with that...LOL.
Computer Is My certainly is!
I Love LifeYeah, this is as good as it gets and that is very, very, very good! Rather good actually!
I <3 to read!!When a BOOK is your good luck charm...LOL.
I'm INDEPENDENTIndependent, me, definitely! =)
I Love to Eat!!Yeah, food is good! Not the food on the graphic, really, but hey, FOOD...LOL.
That is RIGHT...I hate stereotype, particularly about stereotyping ages!!
not a barbie girl LOL...Okay I really only put this up for one of the best episodes of one of my fav shows...;)
LOL I just hate it when people are like, "Well, you're quiet..."
Or almost anywhere in Europe! "is good"...;)

LOL Again just look at what I have pages on!
I'm crazyOh yeah! Apple! It has a face!, don't ask...;)
sleep?  what's that?LOL...
What would you be without them?
Where would you be without it?
No Chain letter Zone


I'm A Symphony Bar... What are you?
Night Person
Drama Queen

i'm not weird..i'm Gifted!'></A><br>
<a href= I just wanna BE ALONE!

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