Click for New York, New York Forecast Note: Some of this may bounce around from "as happening" to "after the fact." I apologize and I'll fix it eventually.

Entry One--Getting Ready for the Trip
It's early in the morning, much too early. I had intentions of falling asleep right at 4 p.m. last night but it just got later and later... first I needed to finish packing, then I just NEEDED to watch "Just Shoot Me" (priorities, ya know? ;-) ) and then the order I put in at the health store wasn't ready til 8. So, to make a long story short (well, not really, considering I just told the whole long story) I wasn't even in bed until much later. Then, of course, I couldn't fall asleep. Yet it didn't sink in that I was REALLY going to NY. In fact, it isn't even yet... I don't think it will until I'm actually there, walking those streets I've only dreamed about. Father brought me a Denny's waffle, as I suppose it's best to fly on a full stomach, right? Anyway, I started watching infomercials, but that didn't keep my mind off the day ahead enough, so my Jeopardy! tape came in handy.
Now it's the car ride to "A.L's." (It's much easier to go by abbreviations, isn't it? :-) ) I really want to put in one of my CD's but I wouldn't want to go through my carry-on bag, so it's just the radio.
A.L came in the car, and we had full conversations yet I can't remember a thing. Something about Brian Dennehy, I remember, but no specifics. I'm looking forward to the day ahead. The airport is here, now. It's happening, finally!

Entry Two--The Airports and the Airplane Ride
My suitcase was much too heavy. *G* I should have realized this back when I packed, but, you know, I would have packed everything anyway! I kept on dropping it in the airport. Of course, my carry-on bag is quite heavy, too, but it's all essentials for the ride! *G*
After we got to our gate, I sat next to a group of people from a foreign country... and the male of the group could be a Harrison Ford look-alike. Anyway... can I mention Lavendartherapy from the Healing Garden? It's quite helpful. *G* Anyway, before I turn into a walking advertisement...
We are sat in the middle of the plane, right by the wing. Oh, goody. :P I should have booked the tickets, I would of requested a seat near the back. Anyway, no one ever took our aisle seat, so I moved to that seat quickly. Memo to self: ALWAYS GET THE AISLE SEAT! But be that as it may. I'm just going to listen to my CD's and be quiet. I've got the two Ruthie solo CD's and the Les Mis TAC. I think I made good choices... showtunes have a very calming affect. :-)
Ah, finally, we have landed! So once we arrived to baggage claim, we get picked up by "Gotham" car service. We spotted our driver quickly as he was holding up our name on a yellow card. They had about three other drivers waiting, but all with white cards. So it was quite easy to spot. *G* The driver takes our baggage from the belt and carries it for us. I could get used to this kind of service. *G* Anyway, the ride to the hotel was extremely pleasant. When I saw that many of the billboards were advertisements for shows, I knew theatre-land was near. *G*

Entry Three-Our First Night in--No Theatre-Going, But Plenty Of Theatre-Obsessing
We get to the hotel, and we are forced to carry our baggage on our own again. Four suitcases, four heavy suitcases, and two people. Not to forget the two carry-ons, and we all know my carry-ons are usually even heavier then my suitcases. So that was fun! :P Once we got up the stairs (it's a 2-level lobby) I eyed the gift shop while we were being checked-in. Thankfully, being checked-in was a quick process. We get to our room, room 1107. I liked the room, though it was a bit small. We did have an ordeal opening the door, however. (My Note: The whole trip, I was the only one the door would open for. It's quite odd, but it did give me power, you know? *G*) We make calls home so they could cancel the hotel we were double-booked at. We had to be picking up a CB radio or something, because their was another voice on the line, repeating, "Rambo, Rambo, Rambo." Now, talk about odd! *G* After the calls, we went down to the hotel restaurant. We were both starving. The hotel restaurant was called, "Celebrity", and it had a lot of vintage musical posters on the walls. So I loved that, of course. *G* After lunch, we set out to look for all the theatres. WOW! This... excited me. Is excited even enough to cover it? No. I'm talking ecstatic! We just turn right and the "Little Cosette" drawing is up there on the marquee...WOW. Excitement! *G* I knew the Wed. matinee must have been playing at that time, and I had such an urge to run into the Imperial (Les Miserables) Theatre. We found a lot of theatres that we wouldn't be going to, but seeing them made me happy all the same. *G* We found the Majestic (Phantom) Theatre, which was right next to our hotel, and the Minskoff (Saturday Night Fever). Then we found the Shubert (Chicago) Theatre. Another big excitement. They have huge posters of all the cast members, and I found the Ruthie poster fairly quickly. *G* The marquee at the Shubert is really worth noting, as it had quotes from the musical all around the theatre... "Ain't there no decency left?" and "It's just a noisy hall where there's a nightly brawl." I thought that was really creative. We turned to see tons of posters, all lined in a row... probably one for each show currently running. The "red brick wall" of posters led us to the "One Shubert Alley" theatre store. I couldn't believe I was in the land of theatres, theatre stores, and all that is good. *G* (All the weekend needed to indulge my every obsession: Some pro skating competition, Jeopardy! being taped in NYC, Internet Access, a shopping spree at Borders, and, of course, the 8 trips to the theatre. But then I'm sure I never would have left. *G*) We went back to the hotel so we could start some "shopping-time." We started at that hotel gift shop I was checking out earlier and spent much more then I should. *G* Then we went shopping at Theatre Circle, One Shubert Alley, and the theatre store at the Marriot Marquis. I purchased a few things per store... *G* One detail about the theatre stores. The people there were absolutely fascinating and wonderful. *G* Each theatre store, first of all, had "classic" showtunes blaring. In Theatre Circle, a few employees/shoppers were listening ~and~ ~singing~ along. If it isn't "neat-o" that you can burst into a showtune in the middle of a store, I don't know what is! (No, I didn't add my beautiful-*gag*-voice to the fray.) At the Marriot Marquis theatre store, I had a ball listening in on conversations. One costumer was saying how he was going to see Les Mis tonight because it was it's 15th anniversary and he "never misses an anniversary." (Now. Les Mis has only been on B'Way for 13 years. Not to mention it opened in March, right? But whatever... *G*) Anyway, so this conversation led into gossip about what upcoming shows are going to what theatre. I had heard each and every rumor on the Internet, and I resisted the urge to ask if they heard that from Talkin' Broadway or Playbill Online. *G* (In case anyone cares: Show starring Angela Lansbury to replace Cats at the WinterGarden start of next year, and Martin Guerre to replace Miss Saigon at the Broadway in April.) And this was Wednesday. It wasn't too long, was it? *G* *May I remind everyone of the "back" buttons? And scrolling?*

Of course, more to come! :-) This isn't even a quarter of it! We aren't into the show reviewing performer-by-performer insanity yet! :-) Home