"Rose, you miss nothing do you?" *g*
Titanic is now showing on HBO. It plays quite often.

A poll on E! Online which aired on E! News Weekend was, "How many times do you plan to see Star Wars?" The most popular response, with 37% was "I'd rather see 'Titanic' again."

If you watched the Golden Globes, you were probably as happily surprised as I was to see Gloria Stuart there, presenting in showcasing the best film nomination "Gods and Monsters". If you watched the E! pre show you probably also saw that she was the first one there and was interviewed...she looked great in a tye-dye type dress! It is also rumoured she is coming out with an autobiography later in the year, that'll be great!

Over a year later and Titanic is still winning awards! It picked up Best Picture and Best Dramatic Picture at the People's Choice Awards, and Celine Dion won for favourite vocal performer. I wish I saw this! Did anyone record it? :-)

Kate Winslet has finished "Holy Smoke", which is to be released later this year. Leonardo DiCaprio has a small role in "Celebrity", and is currently filming "The Beach". Kathy Bates could be seen on the season finale of "Third Rock From The Sun". She won the SAG award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Primary Colors". I also believe "Art" is now in LA, which stars Victor Garber. It was in January and I assume it still is. The cast appeared on the Howie Mandel show recently. (I missed it! Recorded, ANYONE? Please?! ;-) ) Victor may also be in the upcoming Stephen Sondheim project, "Wise Guys".

Titanic spoofs are in the works! Two I know of, one is called "Titanic Too-It Missed The Iceberg!" If it is amusing, I think it would be okay...the fake script going around the internet is hilarious!

MTV awards. Titanic won best picture and Leonardo DiCaprio won best actor-that's 2 awards won out of 8 nominations!

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