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*Updated May 9th--New About Me Bio Follows*

My Personality: I think my main personality trait is propriety and happy being old-fashioned. I have manners from 1900 in the year 2000. I'm also quite non-judgemental. I don't believe in prejudice and I try not to hold grudges against a mistake someone has made if they work to change. I like to think I'm caring, kind, and all that jazz--but it'd be best to ask someone else about that. *G* I'm also quite paranoid. Sometimes I wish I wasn't, but it does keep me out of trouble! I can be sarcastic at times and have an odd sense of humour. I'm an introvert. I either love something or hate it, I don't have an "in-between." I'm passionate about everything. I'm an insomniac. I think too much. If someone asked me to sum up my personality in one sentence I'd say I have the personality of an artist.
My Looks: Yeah, right. This is the Internet, looks are obsolete. I will tell you that I've been told I have an old-fashioned, "epic" look about me which is probably the best compliment a person could give me (looks-wise).
Friends and Family: Luckily, I've been blessed with a beautiful family. I know it sounds corny, but if you've got it, you might as well cherish it. My favourite relatives have always been my Mother, as well as my late Grandmother. As for friends, I have quite a diverse circle. When I used to figure skate I made quite close bonds with a few fellow figure skaters and I still keep in touch with them, even though I myself no longer frequent the rink. Since I've started ventures into acting I've met some wonderful people and I still can't believe how wonderful they are. There is also, of course, all the family friends I've known for years and years, who are all absolutely brilliant. And, no, I currently do not have a boyfriend... I believe in courtship. ;-)
My Interests: Theatre, theatre, and more theatre! NYC. Europe. History. Films. Actors and actresses. The internet. Writing and reading. Exercising. Some figure skating. Acting, singing, and dancing. Etcetera, etcetera, and so forth!
My Future: Well, I hope to continue with my theatrical escapades. I'd love to just be a theatre actress, as terribly unstable as it is. My second choice? Writing, which is probably just as unstable. I want to go to a junior college for two years and then transfer... my dream college is NYU. If not, maybe DePaul. I'd love to live in NY state or NYC.

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