"Somethign More Mysterious Than That"

Do you know I read one of your books once, Bendrix. Sarah made me. You described a house after a woman in it died. The Ambitious Host. That's the name. It seemed good at the time, but you got it all wrong, Bendrix. You described how the husband found the house terribly empty. He moved around the rooms, lost. Sometimes he'd pour himself drinks in two glasses. But the trouble is, the house doesn't seem empty. When she was away before and I'd miss her terribly-she probably was with you-then it was empty. But now because she's always away, she's never away. She's not having lunch with anybody-she's not at the cinema with you. There's nowhere for her to be but home. Where's her home? Well, wherever we are, I suppose...You must feel it too Bendrix. It's fuller than ever in a way...
But how can it be empty and full? I'm not a literary chap, Bendrix--yes, a paradox--surely it's more mysterious than that.

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