One Last Wish

This poem isn't by me, this is Sara's work.

Even though you never saw
the pretty girl within,
My love for you was deeper
than anyone could know.

You were in trouble,
so I helped you out,
You said you'd give me anything
You gave your solemn vow.

Now as I lay here,
blood running down my shirt,
You hold me in your arms
For the first and only time.

I smile to myself and remember
Your promise made to me
I look in your eyes, I request a kiss,
As my final wish.

Now I feel life slipping away,
And right before I go,
I can almost feel the touch
of your soft red lips.

I Followed You

Inspired by Les Miserables. Following is the paragraph thy thought this from, this is from the book Les Miserables: "She continued: 'I knew you were there; I was asleep, but I saw you. I have seen you for a long time; I followed you with my eyes the whole night. You were in a halo of glory..."

Through my sleepless dreams
I followed you last night
I sent a light to warm you
An angel to hold you tight
The thought of holding my love, my child
Strengthens these weak arms
While you walked in the darkness
I carried you to the light
I felt your tears through the night
I sent the angel to wipe them away
And please know the day I see you again
Will be the day I become joy itself
In my soul I see you now
With the beauty only children have
I follow you so I can see
The hope slowly growing in your eyes
And so I can add dreams of our love to your vision
Oh! What beautiful visions they are
As the voice from angels in heaven follows you
Love the man I sent to you, my child
For he will teach you the beauty of life
I sleep now...but I shall follow you forever
My child, you shall have the sunrise painted for you only
Remember how I love you
Hold onto the dreams that will have to wait your lifetime to be fulfilled
I shall cherish you from above and bring you joy
Remember, my love, my child
Have our angel tell you of my love
Forever until the day I can finally hold my child in these arms...

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