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Les Miserables: A New Unabridged Translation --You will notice I praise things very easily but I must say this is the most amazing piece ever written that I have read and if you even just look at the reviews at amazon.com you will see how this book has the power to touch everyone, every person, every age, I mean this book is just absolutely amazing, a piece of art!

Les Miserables: 10th Anniversary Cast --This is verily amazing, you must see it. It has great performances by an amazing cast...(Ruthie Henshall, among others) and I just love it!

Les Miserables: Abridged --400 pages worth of this amazing piece...it's great, but you really should read the unabridged...

The Original Broadway Cast --This music is so beautiful you really must get it, I mean almost every song is so very touching and the singing is amazing! If you don't want the Broadway Cast you could get The 10th Anniversary Concert or the The Complete Symphonic Recording or you could have The Original London Cast Recording

Selections from the Musical --Kind of like an "abridged" version for the musical...LOL.

The Complete Motion Picture Soundtrack --This music is so incredible! This music comes from the 1998 film...it is so beautiful! =) Les Miserables: Come To Me

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