November 27th

I deleted the "journal archives." They were from May and June and are horribly out-dated as to what's going on in my life now, so I pondered keeping them, but then went ahead and pressed "delete." *G* No one will miss them, right? ;-)

Does anyone else think Christmas has become more and more commercialized every year? Now, don't think I'm a total Grinch. *G* I love the holiday in it's essence, it's "purest form," so to speak. But putting on Christmas music for all of the day after Thanksgiving for "all those holiday shoppers out there?" Or how about the fact that it's practically the day after Halloween or even earlier that they start marketing? Then, of course, my gift-giving paranoia... "Will they like it? Do they have it already? Am I SURE they'll like it?" I know, I'm quite odd. *G* But I digress...

In other news, I decided to start taking an acting class that starts in January. Well, I was quite undecided, but I need to sign up by the first of December so I'm just going to do it. It'll go along well with the voice lessons, which I thought I'd never get the courage to do, as well. *G* No, I don't have any illusions to star on Broadway... but community theatre sure would be nice. It's everything I love about figure skating without the jumps. *G*

It looks like I'm going to finish this quickly, as I may rent "Out-of-Towners." It seems like a bad film (I didn't much care for the original in the first place) but it's NYC! And we all know I'm a bit in love with NYC, so... *G* Good eve!