Following is a listing of available writings, videos, and cds (coming soon) concerning G&G/Ekaterina. Please click the links which will take you to to purchase the items!

A Letter For Daria --The second book written by Katia, intended for children. The lack of good writing is worth it for all the adorable photos, though! It includes Daria's drawings, which was actually rather frightening...she draws better then I! LOL.

My Sergei: The Video --If you missed this on television you must get the video, it is so beautiful and amazing and had me crying through-out! Which is a compliment, and thy thinks a good film should do that to you. So, yes, I could compare it to a film.

My Sergei: A Love Story (Paperback)--This book is one of my favourites, not just because of the story but because I really love the writing style, it is beautiful. It's detailed when it should be, which thy thinks is verily important. Parts could be from a poem (well, actually, it is. The beginning has a poem in Russian and one line in the prolouge is taken from one). Even if you are not a fan of figure skating I think it is still possible to love this book for the beautiful writing and beautiful story it tells.

My Sergei: Audio Casette --Abridged (VERY much so!) but it is still very interesting to be able to listen to it and if you loved the book you should buy the casette. Thy does wish for an unabridged version. Thy hates abridgements with a passion. Why can't you just read the whole book? That is a different conversation entirely, but thy must share...

Stars On Ice: The Story Behind The Tour --Even if you are just a fan of figure skating and not of G&G, you will love this book! This is really a must, thy received the book today it is verily amazing!

Ekaterina Gordeeva: Figure Skating Legends --Thy thinks this is a BIT too much of a childrens book, but if you are a fan...purchase it.

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