For All Eternity
Fanfiction by: Kirsty

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Chapter 1

"Mr. Andrews, please help me. I allowed myself to be conned into thinking Jack was guilty of theft, and now I realise it was all a lie. Please tell me where they keep people who are under arrest?"

"Rose, what are you doing? You must hurry to a boat."

"Please, Mr. Andrews, I must free Jack. Even he should have a chance to live."

"Yes, yes. Take the elevator to the very bottom, find the crew passage. On the other end, turn right. You should find him there. Hurry, Rose, you know the situation!"

With those instructions, she ran to carry them out. She encountered minor trouble at the elevator, but managed to be quite persuasive! She knew the danger she was in, there was already knee deep water along the corridors, and it was rising quite rapidly. Rose also knew that her love for Jack will also carry her through. Finally, upon reaching her destination, she began to frantically call out for Jack.

"Rose, oh thank you! Rose, I'm in here!"

Rose succesfully located the key and freed Jack from those uncomfortable handcuffs. They just flew into eachothers arms, full of apologies for their mistrust and doubt. However, they couldn't delight too long in their reunion, as water was rising quite fast. They managed to make their way to the top deck, without too much incident. There they ran into Fabrizio and Tommy. Everyone was quite relieved to see the other. Realising that the panic amongst the other passengers was quite out of control, Jack commanded that now there were not boats left, they should make it to the end of ship, in order to stay alive as long as possible.

"Rose, try to keep up with me. Now that we're finally together without any hassles, I don't want to lose you too soon. If ever, at that!"

"Don't worry about me, my love. You're my solid rock I'm leaning upon. Remember our jump, I jump? We're in this together, and I have no intention of leaving you."

Despite everything that was going on around him, Jack had managed to think clearly, in order to save himself and his friends. He made them all, even a reluctant Rose, to climb over the railing so that when the ship does finally plunge completely, they would not be caught with the suction.

"Jack, can you believe that it was only a few precious days ago, that we met here, and you saved my life? Look at us now, right where we started, and about to slip into the water after all!" Rose stated, with a dry smile.

"Who would've known! Rose, no matter what happens, believe me that I will always be there for you. Remember that, but you must listen to me now. The ship is going to want to such us down with it, to it's watery grave. When I give you the signal, you must take a big breath, and kick to the surface as soon as possible. I'll be with you all the time." Jack hugged her fiercly and gave her a quick kiss.

Fabrizio and Tommy had heard this exchange and marvelled at how level headed Jack was thinking. Obviously, he was not really thinking of himself, but of his lovely Rose. He was quite prepared to give his life for her. Neither of these men spoke, each was lost in their own thoughts and dreams as to what life would hold for them next. They were not prepared to die either!

Chapter 2

Sypnosis: Rose saved Jack from sure drowning by admitting that he didn't steal the diamond. They met up with Tommy and Fabrizio and made their way to the end of the ship, in anticipation for the final plunge.

"Now, remember Rose, whatever happens stay with me. Don't forget wwhat I said! A big breath! Here we go" was all Jack managed to say before they were engulfed and sucked down by the massive ship into the dark water below.

Ss soon as the water covered her completely, Rose remembered the instructions Jack gave here and immediately started kicking for the surface. She tried to see Jack under the water, but with the water being black as the night, with a few bubbles here and there, it was impossible for any sighting. Starting to panic a little, as Jack had promised her that he was going to be with her all the time, she kicked with all her might and broke the surface.

She immediately scanned the area, while catching her breath. She had not completed a full circle yet, when Jack appeared before her. The relief was quite visible to those who would have noticed, on both their faces as they gazed lovingly at one another. Rose was the first to break their silent amazement.

"Oh Jack! I'm so glad you're here. I tried to look for you, when we were under but it was just too dark. When I surfaced, there were so many people I didn't know where I was going to find you."

"Rose! I don't want you to ever be scared again. Like I said earlier, I'll always be with you. Listen to me now! We have to swim out of this crowd. Follow me."

Rose and Jack began to swim away from the thrashing crowd of people. As they neared an opening, Jack saw something floating in the water, which looked big enough to hold someone. He headed towards it with Rose close behind. Upon reaching it, he noticed it could only fit one person and gently helped Rose aboard. As he had previously decided, her life was more precious then his own.

"Rose...the board...can only hold one. You must keep going for me...I'm sure the boats will come back for that there's no more danger!" stuttered Jack, determined to calm her down and keep himself alive.

"Jack! Look! The boats are returning! They're coming back!" Rose could hardly contain herself with joy, although she was experiencing little stabs of pain with every movement. Jack gathered enough strength and will power to turn himself around, in order to see the returning boats. The couple was so excited, that they had not noticed that the noise level had died down quite dramatically since finding the board. They were now truly on their way to being rescued!

Chapter 3

Sypnosis: The ship has sunk with Rose and Jack finding each other. Jack discovered a board to keep Rose out of the water. The boats are returning.

"Rose, I'm going to...swim over get that whistle...don't let them pass us." stammered Jack, who began to swim over, aching with every movement.

"We're over here." squeaked Rose, barely audible even to herself! "It's no use shouting, I've lost that spurt of energy. I just hope they don't miss us, before Jack gets back." she thought to herself. Her frustration was growing with every movement of the boats oars, as they sailed closer. Suddenly, there was a piercing shrill of a whistle blast.

Before Jack and Rose knew what was going on, they were aboard the boat huddled in a blaket. The officer and the other men couldn't believe they had managed to survive their stay at sea. They all agreed that this couple had a love that will last for all eternity. The waiting boats didn't have long before the Carpathia arrived on the scene. Once more in a whirl of activity, ever boat was discharged of their passengers and the officers of the rescue ship began their tiring job of forming a passenger list of survivors.

"Jack! Rose!" cried a unison of voices, breaking into their thoughts. Slowly both raised their heads in the direction of the sound. It took Jack a second to recognise his long, thought of dead, friend and his other new friend.

"Fabrizio! Tommy!" cried an excited Jack hugging each friend, until they thought he was going to break them. "How did you get here? Where did you come from? Where were you?" rushed Jack with enough questions to now sink the Carpathia!

"Whoa! Slow down my friend. One question at a time and you'll get all your answers." said the unforgettable Irish brogue that belonged to Tommy. The three men just stood there, staring at eachother in silence, drinking in the sight of their friend. Rose felt a pang of jealousy as she watched her friends. It wasn't a jealousy directed them personally, but that of their friendship. She had a quiet childhood with not too many close friends, like these three had developed. Ir definitely takes something big to draw people closer. Not before too long, Jack remembered Rose and went to sit next to her again, thereby drawing Tomy and Fabrizio nearer to her.

"Rose, how are you feeling? I was worried about you, but not too much, 'cos I knew Jack was there with you!" asked Fabrizio gently. His concern grew as his gaze noticed her more then usual pale complexion.

"I'm fine thank you Fabrizio. I'm glad you made it through this ordeal as well. You've certainly made Jack quite happy and for that I'm extremly grateful." replied Rose, just then an officer walked up to them holding a clipboard.

"Excuse me lady and gentleman. May I take your names please."

"Certainly, this is Tommy Ryan, Fabrizio de Rossi and we are Jack and Rose Dawson." answered Jack, indicating each person as he said their name. The officer walked off to the next group of people.

They then made their way to the dining hall, as their stomachs began to growl now quite loudly, now that they had been reminded of food. Upon reaching the room, they found it quite full and roudy. It took them all back to that night of special memories, when Rose first partied with them.