On Film

Sandra Milovanoff-1925's Les Miserables (she also plays Cosette)
Josseline Gael-1934's Les Miserables (she also plays Cosette)
Florence Eldridge-1935's Les Miserables
*She's...okay. It's really a fine acting job, but the role was very under-played in this film version, despite the film working well as a whole.*
Valentina Cortese-1947's I Miserabili (Italian Film)(she also plays Cosette)
Sylvia Sidney-1952's Les Miserables
*Not exactly my favourite. *g* Then again, it's not exactly my favourite LM film version, either, so...*
Daniele Delorme-1957's Les Miserables
Angela Pleasence-1978's Les Miserables (TV Movie)
Evelyne Bouix-1982's Les Miserables
Uma Thurman-1998's Les Miserables
**Amazing! Easily my favourite performance of this role on film, and if she could sing, she'd easily be my favourite on stage, too. *g**


Rose Laurens-French Concept Recording
*Amazing! Second only to RH...and, BTW, can I ask WHY "La Misere" was cut after the concept recording? It's only the best song in all of LM land, and even people who don't like musicals agree with me! *g**
Patti LuPone-Original London Cast Recording
*She's...different. *g* At first hearing I really hated her voice, but now I enjoy it. It's a bit odd, but quite good.*
Randy Graff-Original Broadway Cast Recording
*Not exactly my favourite. *g* Quite...umm...loud. *g* Her voice doesn't sound right for the part (kind of like the 52 film version actress...her acting wasn't right for the part. *g*) but maybe it's just me.*
Debbie Byrne-Complete Symphonic Recording
Ruthie Henshall-Tenth Anniversary Concert Recording
*The /best/! She's amazing, easily my favourite stage Fantine and probably my favourite out of all the LM casts I've heard.*

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