E-Survey 1
Highlight from E-Survey 1: "Oh! Am's going on a happy abbreviation spree!"
E-Survey 2
Highlight from E-Survey 2: "As long as we are not in an 'Auntie Em, Auntie Em!' situation, they're cool."
E-Survey 3
Highlight from E-Survey 3: "Anyway, I liked it when I answered some Shakespeare question on Jeopardy! a few days ago and mom gave me a "Pugh-look-you-have-2-heads-look" and it's like, "Oh, doesn't EVERYBODY know that?" hee hee. But, "that is neither here nor there"...*g*"
E-Survey 4
Highlight from E-Survey 4: It's the e-survey that repeats itself! *g*

Note: These come from either e-mails or websites...I have no idea of the creators, but I take no credit for them...