1. Name: Ambermarie. A useless fact for you: Amber was the 35th most popular baby name in 1998. It's not so original anymore, is it, Apple?! ;-)
2. Nicknames: Am, Amm, and Shena, Queen of the Computer Jungle. I prefer the third...hee hee.
3. Age: HA!
4. Birthday: November 16th, 1584. hee hee...yes, 1584. You know that twilight zone with the ageless woman? WELLL......;-) Ok, ok, J/K!
5. Height: 5'3, maybe 5'2 or maybe 5'4.
6. Eye Color: Blue.
7. Hair color: Brown.
8. What you remember most about this year: I'll get back to you on that come end of September! ;-)
9. Favorite TV shows: Jeopardy!, Family Feud, As Seen On Theater, Inntimate Escapes (R.I.P...LOL!), Murphy Brown, Designing Women, Golden Girls, Friends, Just Shoot Me, Veronica's Closet, Amazing Destinations, Siskel and Ebert...wow, I watch more TV then I thought...hee hee.
10. Do you consider yourself hot or cute?: "I LOVE me!" ;-) Does that answer your question?
11. Do you believe in yourself: Yes, but I'm kinda self-critical, too. So kinda goes both ways? *g*
12. Scariest person: Me! LOL...
13. Worst feeling in the world: Lots of stuff, not to be shared on surveys, of course.
14. Best feeling in the world: Doing or seeing something amazing.
15. Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Sleep (LOL! To quote what I said earlier chatting, "You know, I'm addicted to that sleep...") Internet. People. Films. Using one-word sentences. *g*
16. Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Being happy...occupation un-decided, but something I LIKE. A very optimistic view for a pessimist, no? ;-)
17. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?: "I'm going back to sleep." *g*
18. Future son names: Dunno. Just another random trivia fact, "Michael" was the most popular name in 1998.
19. Future daughter names: And "Emily" was the most popular girl name. *g* No, I wouldn't name my kids either of these two names, but I'm bad with names, so I just thought I'd give you trivia instead of saying "I don't know." *g*
20. Favorite flower: Black roses...if they exist or not.
22. What is your favorite TV station: Game Show Network, Travel Channel, PBS (when they have those cool "quite odd" musical specials)....and, of course, the film channels!!
23. What is your favorite brand of clothes?: ...I don't know. I buy what I like, regardless of the brand.
24. Last movie you saw in theaters: Umm...THE RED VIOLIN. BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, PEOPLE! *g*
25. What color sheets do you have on your bed: I don't know...LOL! Seriously, I've never noticed...
26. Do u drink: No, not alchohol, if that's what you mean. I do drink caffeinated beverages....*g* But ~everybody~ knows that...
28. What is your favorite thing in your room?: I don't know...the ancient VCR.
29. Do u make fun of people: Who, honestly, HASN'T?
30. Favorite color: Black, Grey (I like that spelling better), Beige....
31. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?: Almost--For a crime I DIDN'T commit! Bad, BAD Barb from Walgreens, BAD! *g*
32. Favorite Disney Character: Don't get me started on Disney, okay? *g* NONE.
33. How many pillows? Just one.
34. Pets: Yes, SNUGGLES! I love my Snuggles...
35. Favorite Type of Music: Broadway, Film Scores/Soundtracks, Celine Dion, Madonna, Classical.
36. Hobbies: Skating, Internet and Chatting Online, Reading, writing, studying/watching/reading anything epic, listening to music, Theater, NYC, Movies, Oscars, NYC Obsessing (did I say that already?), Making pathetic WAV's, Shakespeare/Elizabethan stuff, Surveys, Randomness...hee hee.
37. Dream Car: Don't have one--I really am happy with our current one now.
38. Type of Car u drive now: Dodge Grand Caravan.
39. Phrase or words you use: "Amazing", "That was random", "Exactly, exactly!", "Quite odd!", "Oh, he looked good there!" (the last one is only while watching Jeopardy!)
40. Toothpaste: I like to change around...*g*
41. Favorite Food: Italian and American.
42. Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: HEE HEE! Oh, YEAH, suuuurrrreeeee....I'll go out with someone who acts and looks like a five-year-old. :P
43. Piercings or tattoos?: Neither, thank you...*g*
44. How do you characterize yourself: "The look of a kind person, but not one that welcomes approach by strangers." (hee hee...I got that out of LM. Yeah, I was re-reading. Yes, I re-read a 1400+ page book!), non-judgemental (I like to think so! ;-) ), quiet in person, but LOUD in writing/online, usually hyper and random, intelligent (LOL! Yes, VERY much so...this from the person who said, I quote, 'Are you talking your website?' hee hee...don't ask) , "I love me" type person, obsessive--in a good way! ;-) a bit paranoid (hee hee..."We noticed. Starting with airplanes..." LOL...) "nice" (because if you aren't nice, that's just not nice! ;-) )
45. Do you get along with your parents?: The answer is a loud YES. Except with the caffeine thing...hee hee. ;-)
46. Do u go to private school?: You could call it that! ;-)
47. Favorite Ice Cream: Cherry or Vanilla.
48. Favorite Drink: Raspberry Iced Tea.
49. What's your bedtime: Um. *cough* *ahem* NEXT QUESTION! ;-)
50. Favorite Song at the moment: Mother/child showtunes. Namely "Come To Me", "I'd Give My Life for You", "Lullaby", MS finale...
51. Favorite Subject in high school: English stuff.
52. Are your parents divorced?: Nope.
53. Least Favorite Subject: Math stuff, science stuff.
54. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Don't drink.
55. Favorite Sport to watch: Figure skating, basketball.
56. Most humiliating moment: Um...I dunno.
57. What do u look for in the opposite sex: Smart, Amusing, open-minded, AGE...hee hee. ;-) HANDS...
59. Are you going out with someone?: Deja vu? Didn't you already ask?
60. If not, who are you crushin' over: You know, I'm sure of it. ;-)
61. How many people are on your buddy list?: 86. *in defense* I don't talk to all of them! ;-)
62. What grades do you get in school?: A's and B's. I know, I know, I'm perfect. ;-)
63. What radio station do u listen to?: My CD player. *g*
64. Who is your favorite celebrity?: Hmmm...well, Katia, if atheletes count. Alex Trebek...
65. What is your favorite kind of pizza?: Cheese only.
66. Who is your online crush?: Don't have one.
67. What kinds of clothes do you wear?: Jeans and long-sleeved tops, usually.
68. Do you collect anything?: EVERYTHING. ;-)
69. What is your favorite movie ?: To name the last three I watched: LW4, AGAIG, Ponette...of course, millions more, those are just the last three...
70. What is your favorite basketball team?: Bulls, back when they were good...;-)
71. What is your favorite baseball team?: Dunno.
72. What is your favorite football team?: See above.
73. What do u want to be when you grow up?: Website designer, or a choreographer, or maybe a film reviewer, but that'd be too perfect. *g*
74. What college do u want to go to?: Whatever has a good program for the things I'd major in.
75. What are your favorite stores: Borders, Borders, BORDERS! *whines* I wanna go on a CD-spree at Borders! It's been too long! *g*
76. What is your favorite mall? Orland, I guess. I try to stay away from malls....
77. What is your favorite thing to do?: Skate (watch/do), Choreograph to random stuff downstairs, sing when nobody is home, read, write, watch films, chat online, listen to music, go to the theatre...(Wait, isn't this just a repeat of hobbies?)
78. What do u like to do on weekends?: ...did I already answer this?
79. Who are your boys/girl's: HUH? And I mean HUH as in, WHAT? *g*
80. What is your favorite restaurant?: Charley Horse.
81. What shoe size?: 5 or 6.
83. What is your favorite type of food: Okay, NOW you are REALLY repeating questions...
84. Do u wear glasses? Nope. I'd wear contacts if I had to, because I can't stand the glass rim when I wear sunglasses, seeing that...I couldn't imagine it 24/7.
85. Are you happy?: NYC, NYC, NYC!! Um, yeah, I just needed to share that! ;-)
86. Do you have any friends?: NO! LOL....J/K. Yep, yep, yep.
87. What do people think of you?: Um. That I'm quite odd? *g* I don't know, YOU answer that?
88. Do you have a TV in your room?: Yep. Doesn't work, though, without the remote, that I can't find. hee hee...
89. What color are your walls?: Like, a pale...yellow? Off-white?
90. What size bed do u have?: Queen. Which I am myself...hee hee. ;-)
93. Do you have your own phone line?: Nope.
94. Do you believe in love at first site?: To an extent.
95. Are you afraid of the dark?: Not really, nope.
96. What is your favorite holiday?: NYC vacation. "Holiday" can mean "vacation", ya know!
97. Who do u talk to on the phone with the most?: I despise the phone. *g*
98. What is your favorite day of the week?: Doesn't matter....Friday nights and Saturday nights, usually.
99. What is your favorite time of day?: 1 a.m....LOL! I don't know....
100. How does it feel to reach 100 questions?: Exciting, I tell you! ;-)
101. What is your favorite amusement park?: Ummm....NYC? *g*
102. Do you enjoy taking these surveys?: YES!
104. What is your favorite shirt?: Lots...
105. What are your favorite pants: My black jeans.
106. Do you have a brother or sister: NO, thankfully...
107. What is your favorite city?: NYC. No, I haven't been yet, BUT....
108. What is your favorite place to go on Vacation?: See above.
109. What is your favorite talk show?: Talk Soup, because you see only the highlights.
110. Do you belong to any clubs?: Online, yeah. *g*
111. What is your wish that still never came true?: You tell a wish? Doesn't make sense?
112. What is your favorite supermarket?: Jewel, I guess.
113. Who is the most ugly person you ever saw?: That's mean! *g*
114. What do u enjoy doing the most?: Didn't I already answer this?
115. Who are your best friends? That's mean--putting people above others...
116. Who is your best friend of the opposite sex ?:See above.
117. Are you annoyed at someone right now?: Yeah, sure. *g*
118. What is your favorite candy?: I don't know...
119. Who thinks that they r friends with u, but there not?: Huh?
120. What's you favorite month?: SEPTEMBER!
121. What is your favorite number?: 4.
122. If you could have any pet what would it be?: I'd have my SNUGGLES. *g*
123. What do you want for Christmas?: Another vacation to NYC....LOL! Or, um, g.c. would do....
124: How long did it take you to fill this out?: I don't know...time flies when you fill out surveys!