Full Name: Ambermarie
Birthday: 16th of November. I've decided I like saying it that way better then November 16th. More...I don't know. *g* I just like it better.
Nationality: Quite a lot. I'm not going to sit here and list them all but they are all pretty cool. *g*
Languages Spoken: English. hee hee. I can speak "greetings-Russian"...and I can sing in French. hee hee.
Favourite Food: Fetticine Alfredo, Potato Skins! All sorts of fast food "junk", too. *g*
Favourite Drink: Raspberry Iced Tea
Favourite Caffeinated Beverage: Diet Coke! But, oh, I like quite a few caffeinated beverages. "There is too much blood in my caffeine system"...hee hee.
Favourite Desert: That huge chocalate-chip cookie at Charley Horse, frozen yogurt...
Favourite Fast Food Restaurant: Wendy's, probably. Although I like quite a lot. hee hee.
Favourite Burger: I was obsessed with those cheeseburgers at the Golden (a.k.a Broken) Arrow hotel...I must have had...7, 8? *g* Which was quite odd because I really don't like burgers usually that much.
Favourite Eating Place: T.G.I Fridays! Maggiano's, Italian Village, Harrisons.
Favourite Theme-restaurants: Charley Horse. *g* You where probably like, hey, wasn't she missing something up there?
Favourite Classic Writer: Hugo is the best! Long live 50+ pages of details not concerning the main story! I do love that so. hee hee...But, seriously, he wrote LM! How AMAZING was that book?!
Favourite Contempory Writer: None. hee hee. I'm nice, aren't I? Oh, okay, I've got it...random fan-fic writers online are good. *g*
Favourite Poets: Shakespeare, Dickinson, Elizabeth I (Yes, she wrote poetry. And it's amazing!)
Favourite Shakespeare Play: Hamlet. I love that thing. Although I do quite like MND just for the play at the end, I mean that thing is so HILARIOUS...it really pokes fun at those plays perfectly. Anyway, I liked it when I answered some Shakespeare question on Jeopardy! a few days ago and mom gave me a "Pugh-look-you-have-2-heads-look" and it's like, "Oh, doesn't EVERYBODY know that?" hee hee. But, "that is neither here nor there"...*g*
Favourite Shakespearean Sonnet: Number 116.
Favourite Shakespearean Character: Ophelia, probably.
Favourite Shakespearean Actor: Well, I wasn't quite around then to tell you. hee hee. And they didn't exactly have tape recording, either, so...But, oh, I've got it! Myself! *G* Yes...that was pathetic.
Favourite Litarary Weblink: Why not check out my site of the day for some? hee hee...
Favourite Broadway/West End Musical: LM! Evita, Cats, POTO, MS, TSP, Chicago
Favourite Song from a Musical: Come to Me! No contest! I am /obsessed/ with that song...
Favourite Sitcoms: Friends, Just Shoot Me, Veronica's Closet, Murphy Brown (the ones with Miles!), Designing Women, Golden Girls.
Favourite Movie Genres: EPICS! EPICS, EPICS, AND MORE EPICS. hee hee. I don't care...drama, romance, comedy, action as long as it is set before, say, 1950. hee hee. And if I can't have that, I'll settle with dramas, romances (as long as they are good and not the "tom hanks/meg ryan" type!) or action...that is, if the action is also a comedy (ex. LW4) or a suspense thing (ex. Conspiracy Theory) and not just plain action.
Favourite Talk Shows: Talk Soup, because you get just the highlights without sitting through the whole thing!
Favourite Male Actors: Alex Trebek! He TOTALLY counts. *g* But, really, he's just the "leader" of my H.O.M. (who also happen to be very talented). Ok, lets try here...Alex, Antonio, Anthony, Mel, Harrison, Vic, Cary, "Clarkie", Tom (as in SELLECK, not hanks...) and I know I'm forgetting a million so sorry to all my H.O.M I forgot. *g*
Favourite Male Comedian: Does Roberto count for comedian? Even though his film was a drama, I think after the Oscars, he does. *g*
Favourite Actress: Gloria Stuart, Ingrid Bergman and a bunch of the other "old" ones. As for current, Uma Thurman, because she did what I think, for whatever reason, "is the best performance ever!" hee hee...
Favourite Female Comedian: I don't know...probably Paula Pondstone.
Favourite Director: I don't know...I don't really see movies just for the people in them, I guess I don't see them just for the people making them, either. How about, Roberto, because he stepped on many persons favourite director? hee hee...
Favourite Cartoons: The only cartoon I really like is Garfield. It's amusing.
Favourite Singer: Madonna, Celine Dion...and since they forgot to put best musical performer up in the other category, Ruthie Henshall...
Favourite Groups: Don't have any current ones, WP, I guess.
Favourite Current Song: Current? As in turn on the radio to a top 40 channel and it will be on? "POG" or "NRM" by Madonna. (Oh, don't you LOVE it when I get on an abbreviations spree?)
Favourite Classical Composer: Rachmaninov.
Favourite Musical Instrument: Piano.
Favourite Sports: Figure Skating, Basketball, Oscar predicting. :-)
Favourite Colours: Black, and other "classy" colors.
Hobbies: Hobbies? Now, I'd hope, I'd sure hope you could guess some by all of the other answers!
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