Full name: Ambermarie. You know, why do all surveys start out like that? Why don't they get to the important stuff...like "Do you use ice in drinks or no ice?" first? *g*
Birthday: 16th of November. Oh, I just love saying it like that. hee hee...
BirthPlace: Ok, seriously, I have no idea what city the hospital was at. I forget. How bad is that? *g*
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
Nicknames: Am, Amm, Shena, Queen of the Computer Jungle, Lemon, Watch out, Titanic!(OK, only Father uses that one...), Savvy.
Parents: Wanda and Mark. So I guess I did get the better name out of the three. *g*
Sibs: None, zip, zero. Makes me happy...it's quite a nice arrangement we have here. :-)
Most important thing(s) in my life: Making it count...that pretty much sums it up. *g*
Best friend: I hope this doesn't sound corny, but I wouldn't put one person over the others.
Pets and names: Snuggles! Who is only the BEST cat ever!
Job: Full-time obsessor over upcoming NYC trip. hee hee...
Hobbies: figure skating, musical theatre, music, reading, films, TV, spending too much time on the computer, singing (alone and pathetically. my goal in life is to not sound quite as horrid when I sing my showtunes...hee hee.), playing the piano (not alone, but still pathetically), walking, yoga, and other exercise, writing, collecting random stuff...
Words or phrases you use too much: "Amazing". Everything good, great, or excellent is just "amazing" here. Lately I've been using "Exactly, exactly!" too much in online conversations, for whatever odd reason. Oh, yes, I also use "Quite odd" too often, which is "quite odd" itself. SEE...*g*
A non-sport game in which you excel: Oscar Predicting!
A non-sport game which you enjoy: Um...besides Oscar Predicting? Web-Surfing!
Favourite sport(s): figure skating and basketball...
Dream car: You know, I'm quite fond of our car, really. *g*
Coolest experience(s): LP! Landover 94 and 96, the OPIA competition early morning/day/night...*g* And Target, and various cinema-goings and theatre-goings, because it's always fun.
Scariest thing you've ever done: Um, well, I guess I'm a chicken, because I really can't think of anything. *G* Okay...umm...going up on stage when we were at the Orpheum was quite freaky because I thought someone was going to come in and scream at us. Yeah, yeah, I know, that's a lame excuse of a scary experience. Um...everytime I went up to skaters at like Landover was quite scary. Basically, any "bold moment"...hee hee!
Fave thing to do in the summer: Oh, gee, I'll try to actually think of an answer this time instead of "stay cool". Okay....Wait for the Oscar worthy films to come out....Play "StuidoBoss" on the E! Website...and enjoy listening to the rainstorms.
Fave thing to do in the fall: Going for walks without totally sweating and being insanely hot.
Fave thing to do in the winter: Have skating on tv...(Hey maybe this year it'll be back to normal!)...Drink hot chocalate and not look totally insane like you would drinking it in the summer...Watch all the website-owners change all their backgrounds and sets to "wintery" themes...(Yes I am odd...I knew that already)....Predict the Oscar noms...
Little known talents I possess: I can make extremely pathetic wavs. Even though I'd never do it in public, I'm REALLY good at...err...getting into the music...even if it comes out pathetic. hee hee...
Character traits I look for in a person: Honesty, sense of humour , Over-all "niceness" (That's just not nice...hee hee), Seems interested in what you say even if they really don't care...*g*...and, um...mature but immature. Yeah, that totally made sense...hee hee...
Biggests annoyances: Little annoyances, right? When computers are annoying, When your CD Player runs out of batteries, and when television channels change a perfectly good line-up...hee hee.
Bad habits I would like to cure: You know..."I love me" and I quite like any bad habits I have--even though I have quite a number of them...I wouldn't cure them.
What I want to be: In NYC! Umm...that counts, doesn't it? *g*
Future goal: To get to NYC, see every musical/play I want to see, and write the longest review of the whole trip possible. (Is it me, or do at least a quarter of my answers have to do with NYC?)
Total years of music lessons: Um, none. hee hee. I like to teach myself when I can, and I wouldn't go to some teacher for nearly anything.
Fave music: Film scores and soundtracks, musical theatre cast recordings (I can't wait to grab some foreign cast recordings in...yes, you guessed it, NYC), Madonna, Celine Dion....
Least favourite types of music: Umm...really, I love quite a number of types of music, but I equally hate quite a number of types. *g*
Groups/singers you enjoy: I listed above already...Madonna, Celine Dion.
Favourite "classical" composer(s): Beethoven. I can do Ode to Joy, yay me! *g* And Rachmaninov, but if you think I can do anything of his, you are truly insane. *g*
Favourite pieces of "classical" music: Vocalise, Elegy...and, yes, I really DO like classical music that people haven't skated to...hee hee.
Handle(s): Savershena for AOL, ggtlm for Yahoo!, and Amm in any other chats. I wasn't feeling creative on the other chats, okay? *g* Really, choosing a handle is a lot of work. How can you fit every single interest in one handle? *g*
Fave colour: Black, and classy colors like it, like white, navy, and...get ready to be shocked...red! Oh, and Alex looks very good with maroon/redish ties. Yeah, I know, that was random, I just needed to share...;-)
Fave food(s): Fetticine Alfredo, Potato Skins, Popcorn...
Least fave food(s): Red pastas, Chili, and anything of the like makes me ill.
Fave vacation: LP.
Fave subject: English...specifically anything Shakespeare, although it's all amazing.
Fave Shakespeare play(s): Hamlet, R&J, and I love the "play within a play" in MND...
Fave musical(s): Oh! Am is going on a happy abbreviation spree! hee hee...okay, LM, MS, POTO, SP...oh, humph, there isn't as many abbreviated ones as I thought! Okay, anyway...and Evita, Cats, Chicago...and, um...I think those are all of the ones I have cast recordings of so I know for sure I like them, anyway...
Fave male musical theatre performer(s): Well, I better say Antonio Banderas....hee hee...and TerrenceMann, Colm Wilkinson...everybody on the LM TAC, really...and I wish I remembered the guy who was Mr. Andrews when we saw Titanic...because he had one of the most amazing performances I've seen live...and...umm...the guy who did Che in Evita live, too...the second time around. hee hee..
Fave female musical theatre performer(s): Ruthie Henshall...nobody that I've seen live...YET. hee hee...
Fave cartoon: Garfield, that's about it.
TV shows I never miss: Well, I've missed every show I like at least a few times, if you want to get technical...*g*
Fave movie(s): On a survey I filled out at CCD back in September, I said my top 4 favs were Titanic, Evita, LM 98 and GWTW. Of course that's just the beginning, but are we going to be here all day? No...
Fave book(s): LM-totally un-abridged, GWTW, S&S, WH, and various Shakespeare, if that counts.
Fave non-fiction book: My Sergei, Elizabeth I
10 people, dead or alive, whom I would like to meet: Shakespeare, G&G, Alex Trebek, Victor Hugo, Elizabeth I, And I'll leave the other spaces open for random people I admire. Really, I don't think I should pick and choose, because I'd be totally in awe if I ever met ANYONE famous I even like a tiny bit. I know, it's happened before. *g*
Fave animal: Cats, definitely.
Fave day: It doesn't matter...usually Tuesdays and Thursdays, because I get the most time to myself. hee hee...
Fave month: September! And, why September, you may ask? One word, abbreviated: NYC.
Fave holiday: Well, holiday can also mean a vacation, can it not? So, my favourite holiday? The upcoming NYC vacation.
Fave part of the newspaper: The Arts and Entertainment section! Oh, yeah, and that little interview in that local newspaper...where they ask random people, like, "Do you agree with Rosie or Tom?" or something like that...
Fave things to wear: At home, sweats, when going out, platforms and VS dresses or leather.
Things that ROCK: when Tara is NOT on a skating show, vacations, meeting cool new people online by chance, fall and spring, great friends, great music, theatre, musicals, good food, a good book, shopping at Borders, movies, Oscars, internet, writing up stuff over your vacations and going into detail and reading others details...
Things that SUCK: when you feel freezing after waking up early, when you do a road trip in a tiny car, having too much to do, being away from the computer...hee hee...WHEN THE CD PLAYER RUNS OUT OF BATTERIES! H-H-H-H-HUMPH! *g*

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