Quite Odd Dreams

I've decided that my dreams are just too odd not to put them on public display. I am deleting any names of specific friends and family, however. You know, protecting the innocent. *G* So, without further ado...

The "Flying" Dream
Okay, so everyone has one. But I still find mine especially odd. It starts out with me with *name deleted* on a plane. But all of the passengers are laying down instead of sitting in the seats... in fact, there isn't one seat or seatbelt in sight. Anyway, after EVERY passenger acting just like me, I'm suddenly standing on the runway next to the plane with *name deleted* and *name deleted.* Suddenly, the plane is cruising down the runway, and we immediately start to run down the runway, too. At the exact increasing speed of the plane. Then the plane takes off, and WE take off, holding hands. I'm kicking and such, because I want DOWN. *G* But *name deleted*, *name deleted* and I join hands and go higher and higher and hi--and I awaken. *G*
If I was to interpret "the flying dream..."
This dream could be summarized in one word: Aerophobia, anyone? *G*

The "Chicago" Tryouts Dream
Well, this one starts out with my heading into my "home" ice arena, to tryout for "Chicago." (Why musical try-outs would be held in an ice rink...*G*) Anyway, first I needed to follow a dance which was leaded by a former coach, *name deleted.* Then they gave me a list of acceptable audition songs, and I started singing "How Many Tears." Then I awoken. Too bad I didn't get to the part where they decide if I made the cut, hmm? *G*
If I was to interpret "the Chicago tryouts dream..."
It'd be that I like figure skating and musical theatre a bit too much? *G*

The "Truly Insane Night at the Theatre" Dream
I'm in a taxi with *name deleted* in NYC. We get out and notice we are missing our tickets. Someone magically appears and hands over their set of tickets. We enter the theatre to see "Fosse." But this isn't JUST a theatre. We see an arcade, a restaurant, and such, but can't figure out WHERE we get to our seats. Somehow we end up in the high balcony waiting for the show, when I look down to see I still have pajamas on. So I excuse myself to go to the washrooms to fix it somehow. *G* I get to what is labeled "restrooms," but it is a big huge black-tinted mirrored dome. With a bunch of young kids at a dancing lesson. So, I continue around the place searching, when suddenly my dress just grows from the pajamas out of nowhere. I then awoken without knowing if I ever found my way back to my seats. *G*
If I was to interpret "the truly insane night at the theatre" dream...
This dream is BEYOND interpretation! *G*