Fan Fiction Number #1
Dawson...Rose Dawson

Rose DeWitt Bukater stood on the deck of Carpathia, with all the other passengers and survivors of the sinking. The drak night brought rain, rain that seemed fitting for the melancholy mood that lingered. Even though they would soon dock in New York, Rose could not find peace in the situation she was in. Nothing was right, yet she felt as if she was still in the dream like state of the hours with Jack, but above it, above it all. What was in her future, she did not know. I'll probably die within a week, starving and living on the streets, Rose thought. The only thing she could be sure is she wouldn't let her future be as the past. Never again will I let others live my own life, never again will I live that awful way, Rose decided. The easy way out would be to go back..but never will I. Rose's thoughts drifted from the frightening future to the amazement of days past. Jack's words ran through her like a chant, these words that were in the wind and in the stars, the words that would never leave her. Images went through her the second she let herself, not just of memories but of her own wrongs. I shouldn't have listened to him, to them , Rose thought, if I didn't, perhaps we would have had a few more hours...precious hours..."Stop!" Rose whispered aloud. This is not the way I should be, turning into a wreck, a complete wreck, Rose was reminding herself, but that didn't stop her, she just stood there in a daze. Maybe both of us could have gotten into a boat...maybe if I put him on the driftwood...or perhaps...Rose sighed as she tried to forget everything with the pouring rain, which slowly was washing away her courage.
Soon the ship neared deck. The Statue of Liberty, illuminating the dark light, came into focus. Rose barely noticed, she was busy watching the stars... the shooting stars...
The ship docked, and everything moved at a fast place, all a blur to Rose, who stood still, not rushing a bit. The immagration officer came up to her, "Can I take your name please, love?" Rose didn't have to think a second. She would give him the only truthful answer. "Dawson...Rose Dawson." she told him, as she looked up at the rain one last time. "Without knowing you'll be's all that I want..." Suddenly, Rose raced through the crowd, past the press and passengers. Away from the crowd, Rose smiled. "I will be, Jack! I will be..."

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