Note: I've now merged the serious and the seriously insane together. *G* These are quotes stated by myself or one of my friends, unless otherwise noted. I've protected their privacy and didn't use anyone's name after the quote. If you are upset I put something you said up here let me know and it'll be gone. ;-) Oh, yes, and I didn't explain them either...unless you know, you don't want to know. ;-)

"Just do it, go out there and do it, leap. Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid."--Anthony Hopkins

"What room are you looking for?" (silence) "407!"

"It's donopolis! It's donopolis!"

"It's okay. I'll just be a maid with a multiple personality."

"Walking is good. Running is bad."

"I know! I was like, Yippee! You know, and I'm not a Yippe! kind of person."

"You drown, I drown, right?"

"How goes it?"

"Congratulations. For me, because I've found someone who agrees, and to you, because I've never had two seperate conversations at the same time with the same person before."

"Lets have Dick Button sign my history book!"

"If only skating people were more like theatre people!"

"We could trip the ones we don't like we're so close!"

"We should make Stars on Ice dolls!" "Yeah! Plus one of us could take place of Kristi and the other of Jill!" "Yeah! Oh, I've got it! Tickle-Me-Kurt!!" "In leather!"

"Yeah, I love Jeopardy! But, not as much as I love Alex Trebek."

"Dentures on sale at Walgreens, Amber!"

"Yeah, we've already discussed the evils of the Welches kid."

"This is quite odd! This song is quite odd! They are quite odd! Look at his ears! They are quite odd!"

"We should write him a letter. Like, sleep on the side with the quite odd ear!"

"Vitamin E!!"

"Do you want me to put the book in the freezer?" (Friends)

"Why did you bring that filthy thing in the office?" "Now, be nice, she works here." (Just Shoot Me)

"If you win, will you put me in your acceptance speech?" (Letterman interviewing Winslet)

"Next you'll be hitting on my Dad!"

"What is with all of these Hi's? Isn't anyone proper anymore? I swear, the next walker, I'm going to be like, 'Good morrow!'"

"Why are you talking to the other walkers?" "Well, you were in your catterwalling world, so you aren't talking to me..."

"Ok, why does everyone clap when Fonzie enters the room?" "Because of his cool leather jacket!"

"Hi." "Hi Pugh." (walks on a minute) "Wait, WHAT did you call me?"

"Yeah, you can be BLATE..." "Well, A-CRE!"

"Did you feed the kitty? Did he like it well? Did you feed the kitty, come on now, tell!"

"If this is as good as it gets, I'm all for it!"

"Alex, tell her what she's won!"